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  • Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera

    Intensive healing and soothing

    The ancient Egyptians called Aloe Vera ‘the plant of immortality’ and with good reason! Rich in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients it…

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  • Anti Age

    Anti Age

    Reverses the first signs of ageing

    Our Anti Age Active contains an ultra-concentrated blend of antioxidants, phytoestrogens and peptides that stimulate cell renewal and collagen…

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  • Argan & Mango

    Argan & Mango

    Natural rejuvenation and protection

    Infused with nature’s most powerful antioxidants our Argan & Mango formula restores elasticity, optimises cellular renewal and leaves skin plump and…

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  • Beaute Express

    Beauté Express

    The party active for radiant and refined complexion

    We call this our party active and with good reason. It delivers an instantly brighter, tighter and…

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  • Carotin Open Air

    Carotin Open Air

    Optimum protection and repair

    Our Carotene Open Air Active is brimming with carotenoids, free radical fighters that protect against intrinsic and extrinsic ageing, repair damaged…

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  • Caviar


    Intensive rejuvenation with fish stem cells

    Caviar extract contains a powerhouse of active ingredients that promote cell renewal and collagen production. Caviar extract also significantly…

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  • Collagen+


    Promotes a firm, supple complexion

    As we age our skin produces less collagen, the protein that makes it plump and springy. Restore the volume that…

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  • Crystal


    Firms and brightens dull skin

    The healing powers of quartz crystal are well known but this semi-precious gem stone also makes an excellent anti-ageing ingredient…

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  • Elastin


    Restores suppleness and bounce-back

    Elastin fibres are the elastic bands in our skin that make it snap back into shape, but they deteriorate with age.…

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  • eye-repair

    Eye Repair

    Age defying eye care

    Our feather-light Eye Repair Active is bursting with peptides, humectants and antioxidants that plump and rejuvenate the delicate skin around the…

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  • Eye Sensitive

    Eye Sensitive

    Reduces dark circles and puffy eyes

    Recreate the look of a good night’s sleep with our Eye Sensitive Active. Powerful botanical ingredients refresh and refine…

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  • Gelee Royal

    Gelee Royal

    The elixir of youth

    Heralded as nature’s elixir of youth, the unique combination of nutrients, amino acids and phytoestrogens in Royal Jelly make it a…

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  • Ginseng


    Restores a youthful bloom

    The perfect wake-up call for dull, tired skin our Ginseng Active is choc-full-of ingredients that stimulate the micro-circulation, boosting cell renewal…

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  • Golden Repair

    Golden Repair

    Stimulates cell renewal and collagen production

    Infused with pure gold, caviar and potent anti-ageing ingredients our luxurious Golden Repair Active has an instant tightening and…

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  • Hyaluron


    Intense hydration

    One of the hallmarks of youthful skin is its moisture content which depletes with age. Our Hyaluron+ Active contains low molecular hyaluronic…

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  • Kashmir Feeling

    Kashmir Feeling

    Smoothing and pore-refining

    Enriched with hard-working humectants that hydrate the deepest layers of epidermis where cell regeneration takes place, our Kashmir Feeling Active is your…

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  • Lotus


    Promotes youthful texture and tone

    Ancient Hindu and Buddhist writings linked the lotus flower to serenity and purity. We’ve captured these benefits in our clarifying…

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  • Milk & Honey

    Milk & Honey

    Balances problem skin

    Milk and honey have been used for thousands of years to keep skin looking fresh and beautiful. Our Milk & Honey Active contains…

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  • Multi Vitamin

    Multi Vitamin

    Boosts skin’s immunity and enhances wellness

    Think of our Multi Vitamin Active as a super-supplement for your skin. By delivering vitamins topically we ensure your…

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  • Omega 3-6-9

    Omega 3-6-9

    Everything healthy skin needs

    The concentrated dose of over 90% omega oils in our Omega 3-6-9 Active deliver an intense surge of hydration and nourishment…

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  • Orchidee Sensitive

    Orchidee Sensitive

    Strengthens and balances

    Orchids are renowned for their exceptionally long lives; their secret – a high polysaccharide content that protects against inflammation and promotes cell…

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  • Oxygen


    Promotes cell metabolism, restores brightness and clarity

    Our unique Oxygen Active increases the supply of oxygen to the skin promoting cell renewal and providing continuous…

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  • Platinum


    Skin tightening and age repair

    Our unique Platinum Active helps the skin to fight gravity by stimulating collagen and elastin production, the building blocks of…

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  • Quick Lift

    Quick Lift

    Strengthens, tightens and refines

    Watch wrinkles and pores melt away before your eyes with our Quick Lift Active. The algae-rich formula refines, brightens and restores…

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  • Retinol Avocado

    Retinol Avocado

    Nourishes, repairs and protects

    Retinyl Palmitate is the super-hero of skin repair and regeneration and you will find it in abundance in our Retinol Avocado…

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  • Silk Wellness

    Silk Wellness

    Velvet-like softness

    For skin that feels as smooth as silk look no further than our Silk Wellness Active. Inspired by Ayurvedic medicine it’s brimming…

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  • SOS Extrem

    SOS Extrem

    First aid for sensitive skin

    A first-aid treatment for dry and inflamed skin our SOS Extrem Active works its magic with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant extracts…

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  • Viper


    Botox-like wrinkle control

    The muscle-freezing effects of Agireline are well-known and you’ll find this super-peptide in abundance in our Viper Active alongside powerful humectants that…

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  • Vitamin C

    Vitamin C

    Rejuvenates and reduces pigmentation

    The ultimate multi-tasker of antioxidants, vitamin C is integral to cell renewal and collagen and elastin production. We’ve captured it in…

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  • Volume Lips

    Volume Lips

    Enhanced volume and contour definition

    Our Volume Lips Active helps to enhance lip moisture, increase volume and improve the definition of the lip line from…

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  • Babassu


    Anti-inflammatory, cooling, repairing

    Extracted from the nuts of the Brazilian babassu palm tree, babassu oil is the new super-oil for skin. It melts at body…

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  • Jasmine


    Calming, soothing, scar reduction

    The exotic aroma of jasmine is known for its stress-relieving qualities and may help reduce the symptoms of depression, headaches and fatigue. Long…

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  • Eglantine


    Repairing, anti-inflammatory

    Taken from the seeds of the Chilean wild rose (rosa mosqueta) eglantine oil is choc-full of linolenic, alpha-linolenic acids and trans-retinoic acid, an…

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  • Kukui


    Protecting, anti-inflammatory

    Cold-pressed from the seeds of the Hawaiian kukui tree, kukui oil is one of nature’s richest sources of essential fatty acids and has…

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  • Tamanu


    Anti-inflammatory, balancing, protecting

    The oil from the Tamanu tree not only beautifies the skin but is adept at treating inflammatory conditions such as acne, eczema, dermatitis and rosacea.…

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