Supercharge your skin with Arcaya Actives

Originally designed for professional use Arcaya Actives deliver incredible skin boosting benefits whether used as part of your skincare regime or alongside your favourite home beauty device.

Formulated without parabens or mineral oils, Arcaya Actives boast cutting-edge skincare ingredients in their pure form and maximum possible concentration.


Choose from these 6 fantastic formulas:

  • eye-repair

    Solution for Ageing Eyes

    Our EYE REPAIR Active is bursting with powerful peptides, hydrators and antioxidants that help erase crow’s feet, dark circles and signs of puffiness and fatigue.…

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  • Sale Volume Lips

    Solution for Ageing Lips

    Our VOLUME LIPS Active contains powerful hydrators and circulation-boosters that banish wrinkles and restore youthful contour and shape to thin and ageing lips.

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  • Vitamin C

    Solution for Pigmented Skin

    Our VITAMIN C Active contains the most stable and effective form of vitamin C. It protects against free radical damage while promoting cell renewal and…

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  • Oxygen

    Solution for Dull Skin

    Our Oxygen Active increases the supply of oxygen to the skin promoting cell renewal and providing continuous hydration. Skin appears radiant and smooth with improved…

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  • Collagen+

    Solution for Fine Lines

    Our COLLAGEN+ Active contains a unique form of soluble collagen that instantly blurs wrinkles, refines the look of pores and softens and smooths the skin.…

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  • Caviar

    Solution for Sagging Skin

    Our CAVIAR Active is brimming with fish stem cells known for their incredible rejuvenating properties. Delivering immediate results it dramatically improves the texture and tone…

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